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As you all know the fashion industry creates tonnes of waste each year. As a reaction to the loss of beauty of nature, my philosophy,  I create outfits on demand. Fancy a fancy jammie or maybe something else? I’ll create a whole outfit combining second hand clothes and clothes I made myself. No seasonal lines =  no seasonal trash. 

Your outfit will be one of a kind, UNIQUE just as you are ♥ 


Shopping for clothes in my store is a complete surprise, an adventure. After receiving your payment, I get to work. One month later, maybe one more (depending on where you live and incoming orders) you can expect your personal outfit shipped to your home. If you’re okay with it, I would love it if you would post a photo of you waring the outfit and tag me on Instagram. Get in touch if you’re interested! (prices range between €500 - …. depending on what you’re looking for and if shoes are included or not. And no, I’m not knitting undies :p)

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